[140817] Song Ah Ri instagram update:

ariari1004: 기운아솟아랏!아리꾸우까아까 솟아라 힘 !낼부터 일에치여살려면 기운차려야대 ㅜ #아리#힘#빠샤

Anonymous asked:
Where did you get that last song ah ri gifset? how can we know that's her? Thank you.

everything i post is either from her facebook account, her instagram or hosishop’s website. those two gifs were taken from hosishop’s site, the white one had to be edited though.
on the gifset with white bra on, a star-shaped tattoo is visible on her wrist so it definitely is ah ri c:.
just to make you completely sure, i attach two pictures of her. i hope everything is clear now.

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